Dr. Clifford Vance Cast


Best known for his published works and being the owner of Delta Trading Group, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is an intelligent man with a way of making complex ideas seem simple. He is a go-getter that won’t wait for someone else to get the job done. Fighting against injustices and bullying in the financial world, Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is adamant about using his talents to help others.


It can be said that to learn about a man, one must go back to the beginning. Clifford Vance Cast was born in Tucson, Arizona. His mother was a stenographer for the mayor of Tucson and also an NRA gun safety instructor. His father was in the air force as a Titan II missile man, and then continued his career as a mechanic and inventor.

At a young age, he was accepted into a special gifted school. Being a part of this school caused him to get picked on by the kids attending a regular school. To battle against this, he spent much of his time fighting. He fought to defend himself and the other students in the gifted program that were being bullied. On top of never doing homework, he found himself often kicked out of school for getting in trouble.

These years created defining moments in his life. Dr. Clifford Vance Cast lives his life defending against predators and he is especially determined to remove bullies wherever he can. In fact, one of the reasons he went into business was to protect others from predators in the financial industry.


Dr. C. Vance Cast’s love for reading was evident at an early age. He spent a substantial amount of time at the library with his mother when he was a child. Mainly, he was interested in science magazines starting from the age of five and six. His favorite book to enjoy as a child was the encyclopedia and he had no trouble reading it from A to Z. When he wasn’t able to understand something, he still found it all to be fascinating.

Dr. C. Vance Cast had some great ideas for science books and his mother encouraged him to write them for children. He didn’t think they would ever get published, but to his surprise, Barron’s Educational in New York wanted to take them on.

In 1992, his first two books were published, Where Does Electricity Come From and Where Does Water Come From. Both books received exceedingly positive reviews. This was just the beginning of writing educational material that was enjoyable to children. In 1993, two more books were published, Where Does Paper Come From and Where Does Oil Come From. Then, in 1994, his final book in the Clever Calvin Series, Where Did the Dinosaurs Go was published.

The Clever Calvin Series became popular in schools and libraries as a learning tool throughout the country. It was in print in the United States for over 15 years. To this day, they are still being published in Portuguese and Korean. In fact, Dr. C. Vance Cast is still receiving royalty checks on the series today.


After serving in the military, Dr. Vance Cast went on to earn his doctorate. He also consulted and wrote for many different industries which included medicine, aviation, education, aerospace, and finance.

Dr. C. Vance Cast wasn’t yet done writing his own books. In 2008, he released two new titles, not geared towards children. Relevant Conduct is a story about the young Cody Brikker who has to deal with the abuse he suffered at the hand of his father. This novel deals with the idea of trying to gain freedom against the government and battling through issues of pain, loneliness, and violence. This book received particularly good reviews and feedback from readers.

His other book released in 2008, titled Puppet Master Divine, is a dark story about the secret Mormon Militia. Natalie must fight again technology, terrorists, government, dirty bombs and agencies that are unknown in an effort to expose hidden secrets.

Just in 2011, his book Theft of Innocence was released which is a tale of redemption and standing up against what is wrong. The story follows Cody, who at the age of 13 has to battle against the father who terrorizes him and his mother.

In all of these books, you can see how important it is to Dr. C. Vance Cast to defend the weak. They all weave a tale about standing up to those in power; to fighting back against being taken advantage of.


Since the 1990’s Dr. C. Vance Cast has been developing complex computer algorithms to analyze Options Trading. Trading is essentially related to managing risk and money and the algorithms help to make sense of it all. His hope is that people won’t focus on gaining huge profits, but instead on realistic trades that ensure continued success.

He is the current owner of Delta Trading Group (http://deltatradinggroup.com/) where he offers 2 free sessions in an online trading room. He also offers The Market Insider App (The Market Insider App) which gives up to date information into the world of E-Mini Futures and offers his personal views on these situations.

The phrase, “Think in Crayon” is something that Dr. C. Vance Cast is also well-known for. It is a method of teaching even the most complex subjects in a simple form that children could understand. He uses this way of teaching as a simple way to help his students understand day trading easier.

While not working to help others achieve their financial dreams, Dr. C. Vance Cast lives in southern Arizona and spends time with his three daughters. He loves playing his guitar and can be found with singers such as Diamond Lil.


Dr. C. Vance Cast also loves racing, and races stock cars and super trucks in the NASCAR home tracks. His home base of racing is the Tucson Speedway, a 1/3 mile paved NASCAR short track.