5 Ways To Improve As A Futures Trader

Seasoned futures traders know that variance is part of the trading nature.Skilled or unskilled, everyone can run hot and cold. If a cold snap continues for a long period, however, it might be time for self-evaluation. Being a good trader means continually assessing progress, and seeking ways to improve. Keep that in mind as you review the five keys to improve as a futures trader.

5 Keys To Success

1) Efficient Risk Management. You must learn how to manage your risk with any futures trading strategy. Take time to reevaluate your protective tactics. Smart use of buy and sell stops, or using hedging strategies such as buying puts, will limit your losses and protect your investments. And while these stops are important tools, nothing is perfect. Be prepared for the possibility that your stop price might not get filled, and manage accordingly.

2) A Trading Psychology. Smart trading relies on maintaining your discipline and emotional distance. To be successful, you must stick with your trading plan while keeping an open mind that allows you to grab onto developing opportunities. Removing emotion from trading is essential for continued success. If you stick to your rules and stay disciplined during turbulent times, you’ll have a distinct advantage over those who can’t manage their emotions.

3) Sharp Trading Skills. A good trader has many tools, and they know how and when to use each one. If there’s any area in which you feel weak, make an effort to improve your knowledge. Ask yourself the following questions to find your best form as a futures trader:

  • Are you an independent thinker?
  • Do you have strategies to assist you in bullish,bearish, or sideways markets?
  • Are you committed to rigorous self-evaluation and continuous learning?
  • Do you understand the cognitive biases that can trap a trader?

4) Patience. Never trade simply to trade. Keep in mind that inactivity can sometimes be a good thing. If you’re in a cold spell and trading in multiple markets, consider streamlining your positions. Successful trading requires patience, discipline, and strong knowledge of individual markets.

5) Proper Platforms. A carpenter is only as good as the materials he uses. Traders must use the best platforms to be their best self. A reliable, full-featured futures trading platform provides your best chance of success. Consider one that includes:

  • 24/7 trades
  • High-end analysis
  • A wide range of services that meet trader needs
  • Technological tools to spot developing market opportunities

Continue The Path Of Improvement

The best traders are those who continue to raise the bar of improvement.Even traders should be willing to capitalize on any edge or advantage, no matter how small. Trading success takes hard work; commit yourself to doing something each day to achieve your goals. Study the markets, analyze your trades, and learn all you can. As long as you’re prepared to do the work, you can achieve success in trading.


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