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Vance Cast Ph.D is a world class mentor in the day trading community. He has been trading for over 20 years and holds a Ph.D in Psychology with an expertise in Risk Homeostasis Theory. Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is not only a professional mentor and trader, he is a best selling author of a children’s book series, a pilot, a software developer, and more. An all around renaissance man.

Dr. Clifford Vance Cast coined the phrase “Think In Crayon” as a method of teaching complex subjects in such a simplistic form that a child could understand it. Clifford Vance Cast’s ability to teach in this style gives his students a special edge on the day trading community because they know the business inside and out.

Where Can You See Dr. Clifford Vance Cast In Action?

You can visit the Delta Trading Group live trading room for 2 free visits any time that works for you with no obligation Monday through Friday 10am – 12pm. In the live trading room Dr. Clifford Vance Cast is streaming a live view of his trading account while making trades and explaining his strategy and thoughts. He is answering questions and giving insight into trading while showing everyone in the room techniques to make real money on the S&P 500 emini. In the live trading room you can see Dr. Clifford Vance Cast in action and see what all of the hype is about for yourself.

Why Choose Delta Trading Group?

Delta Trading Group not only has the best day trading mentor Dr. Clifford Vance Cast but you get access to a ton of features such as:

  • Delta Trading Group Boot Camp – This is a 4 week course that you take at your own pace that will help you understand the terminology and methods of day trading. This course will take you from a beginner to a pro in a short time.
  • Access to the daily live trading room and our communities members.
  • Access to the video archives of the live trading room
  • All Delta Trading Group eBooks like 7 Strategies of a Success Day Trader
  • and more…

Our members make real money just spending 2 hours a day 5 days a week trading from home. You can see for yourself. Just sign up for your two free visits to our live trading room.


See How Our Delta Trading Group Boot Camp Can Help Learn How To Day Trade Successfully.
Every daily session and section of your Boot Camp is taught by the Ensign Approved mentor Dr. Clifford Vance Cast. You can join the Delta Trading Group Live Action Trading Room for 2 days free to see how it works and talk with other successful Delta Trading Group members. Just visit deltatradinggroup


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